John Graver - Cornish based artist in oils, watercolours and mixed media

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I have been painting for as long as I can remember and that's a long time ! I am completely self taught and have lots of mistakes lying around my studio.

 I have not received any formal training in painting, but have fond memories of viewing my first set of oil paints just as a 5 year old would look at a mud pie, and wondering what to do… “I know, let’s make a mess!”  So that’s exactly what I did and often still do.

I just love making marks on anything. Sometimes they work and often they do not. I must be a slow learner as I am still playing and experimenting. It's about the joy of painting for me. My studio is full of old ‘failures’ and some successes, but nothing ever gets thrown away and I frequently look at a pile under a bench and see something that I did not see before.

I fell in love with Cornwall too long ago to remember, the ever-changing dramatic landscape, the colours in the sky and their effect on the land.  I can never really capture its beauty and drama but I love to try .


John Graver - Cornish Based Artist